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ZTE reveals $20 to $30 cost of Windows Phone license

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ZTE reveals higher than expected Windows Phone licensing costs, around $20 to $30 per device.

ZTE Tania Windows Phone
ZTE Tania Windows Phone

ZTE launched its Tania Windows Phone in the UK last night and provided some insight into the true costs of Windows Phone for manufacturers at the same time. ZTE executive Santiago Sierra, a portfolio manager for the company's UK arm, revealed to TrustedReviews that the firm pays between £15 and £20 ($23-$30) for a Windows Phone license from Microsoft.

The revelation is surprising to say the least. Other Windows Phone makers like HTC and Samsung are widely believed to pay around $10 to $15 per device. ZTE's figures appear to suggest that all is not fair in the Windows Phone licensing world, or that manufacturers are paying a lot more than previously expected. ZTE told us at the UK Tania launch that it costs the company more to create a Windows Phone device than an Android one. One spokesperson put this down to the "different cost structure" of Windows Phone, but the firm did not reveal exact costs to us.

We are waiting to hear back from ZTE directly on the report and we'll update you accordingly.