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Skype hiring engineers to build Windows 8 Metro style application

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Skype is hiring engineers to build a new Windows 8 Metro Style application.

Skype Windows 8
Skype Windows 8

Skype appears to be readying a Windows 8 Metro style application. Two job listings surfaced recently that point towards work on a C# and Javascript / HTML5 version of Skype. The listings, described as "Skype for Windows Metro," indicate that the company is planning a new "from the ground up" version of Skype for Windows 8. Microsoft's latest operating system, due to enter beta in February, includes a new Metro Style Start Screen and programming model to accommodate new HTML5 and JavaScript applications.

The fact that Skype is hiring for engineers with a Windows Store beta due in late February likely indicates that a Metro version of the application will not debut in beta form initially. Skype is also readying a Windows Phone version of its popular voice and video calling service that is expected "soon," according to the company. Although Skype's Microsoft integration is progressing slowly but surely, there's clearly a lot left to do before we see the end result, something we're hoping will appear later this year.

Image Credit: Long Zheng