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Microsoft releases Pulse-like MSN UK iPad application

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Microsoft releases its latest iOS application, MSN UK for iPad.

MSN UK for iPad
MSN UK for iPad

Microsoft released its latest iOS application today, MSN UK for iPad. The iOS app provides access to MSN UK articles, including an option to download current issues for offline viewing. Microsoft has also built-in support for photo galleries and various MSN Videos that can be streamed to AirPlay compatible devices.

The main interface for the MSN UK iPad application bears a striking resemblance to the popular iOS Pulse News app. MSN's includes a tile interface from side-to-side and even a pull to refresh mechanism, both can be found in Pulse News. There's some subtle differences but the main interface is identical.


Overall the application is a basic reader for MSN's UK content, and perhaps one that should be available in HTML5 for other tablet devices to take advantage of. The application is available at no charge for UK users. Microsoft has "no announcement about other markets at this time," according a company spokesperson.