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Microsoft axes MIX, promises to merge it into a new developer conference

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Microsoft axes its MIX 2012 developer conference, planning a new

MIX 2011
MIX 2011

Microsoft revealed today that it plans to axe its MIX conference. The developer event, which has been held annually for six years, is usually organized for a March or April timeframe in Las Vegas. Billed as a place to find out the future of Silverlight, Internet Explorer, Windows Phone and web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 — Microsoft's web developers won't be making the trip to Nevada this year. Microsoft's MIX axing follows a final keynote appearance at CES 2012, after the company announced it doesn't plan to purchase booth space at the trade show next year.

Microsoft says it received a lot of feedback from developers, who were confused by its conference choices, and reporters, analysts, and tech bloggers who were trying to manage "event fatigue" from the large number of Microsoft developer events in a calendar year. The company is planning to merge MIX into the next "major developer conference" which it will hold in the coming year, and will ensure the event is similar to its Windows-focused BUILD conference from September.

Microsoft watchers and developers had hoped to see a release candidate copy of Windows 8 around the MIX 2012 timeframe; it looks like that will particular announcement could now be separate from any Microsoft developer events.