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Asus working on prototype Kinect-equipped Windows 8 laptops?

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Asus rumored to be working on Windows 8 laptops with built-in Kinect sensors.

Kinect PC Hookup
Kinect PC Hookup

We know Microsoft will launch Kinect for Windows hardware next month, but a new report claims that the software giant could be working with Asus to build that support directly into laptops. The Daily says it has "checked out" a pair of official prototype Asus laptops that include a Kinect sensor built-in. The sensor, running on a Windows 8 laptop, reportedly stretches across the top of the screen, and includes a set of LEDs at the bottom of the display.

Asus released its own WAVI Xtion hardware last year, based on the same PrimeSense technology used in Kinect, so it's clear the company has experience with motion-controlled devices. Microsoft has not officially detailed its support for Kinect in Windows 8, but leaked OEM documents previously suggested that the company was working on building Kinect-like features into its next operating system, including a "detect my presence and log me in automatically" feature. Whether those plans are still in place remains to be seen, but with the Windows 8 beta due next month, and rumors of Kinect laptops, we'll find out soon enough.