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Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T expected to spend $100m on marketing 'Ace' Windows Phone

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AT&T expected to launch Nokia "Ace" handset with a big retail push and part of a $100M marketing campaign.

nokia usa-640
nokia usa-640

Nokia's high-end US Windows Phone, expected to be named next week as the Lumia 900, will reportedly launch as an AT&T hero device. We've heard rumors that the "Ace" handset will land at AT&T on March 18th, but now BetaNews claims the US operator has big plans for the Nokia Windows Phone. A $100 million marketing effort, put together by Nokia, AT&T and Microsoft, will see AT&T give prominent billing for the device across its retail store chain — something Microsoft and Windows Phone fans will be eager to see.

Nokia unveiled a huge marketing blitz across Europe in November for its Lumia 800 smartphone launch, including a 4D light projection show by deadmau5 at London's Millbank Tower. Windows Phones have suffered from a lack of sales since their introduction over a year ago, but Nokia's marketing efforts have certainly helped raise awareness for Microsoft's mobile operating system recently. It remains to be seen whether this has resulted in increased handset sales or app developer interest, two key parts of a healthy mobile ecosystem. Nokia's US Rolling Thunder marketing campaign seems likely to kick off next week at CES, where it's expected to announce the Lumia 900 and a new midrange Lumia 719 Windows Phone. Details on HTC and Samsung's forthcoming LTE Windows Phone devices are also expected to be revealed at CES.