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Windows Phone update rolling out, fixes disappearing keyboard and location privacy bugs

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Windows Phone 7.5 update bumps OS build and fixes disappearing keyboard bug.

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Windows Phone 8107 update
Windows Phone 8107 update

Microsoft started distributing a new update to some Windows Phone devices this week. LG Optimus 7 handsets on the Vodafone network began receiving build 8107 of Microsoft's mobile software on Wednesday, which includes a variety of fixes and improvements. The biggest of the bunch is a fix for a disappearing keyboard issue during its regular use, and a change to remove the location privacy bug that Microsoft discovered in Windows Phone. Microsoft previously confirmed it was investigating the problem and appears to have supplied an adequate fix. The change log also lists the following improvements:

  • Resolves a Gmail syncing issue
  • Fixes a location access issue. With this fix, the Me feature in the People Hub sends anonymous information about nearby Wi-Fi access points and cell towers to Microsoft only if you agree to allow the Check In function to access and use location information
  • Revokes digital certificates from DigiCert Sdn Bhd to address an encryption issue.
  • Fixes an email issue related to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. With this fix, when you reply to or forward a message, the original message is now included in your response
  • Fixes a voicemail notification issue

Windows Phone updates are rare to say the least, so it's good to see some bug fixes and improvements outside of the major operating system upgrades. We've reached out to Microsoft for comment on when other devices will receive the update, and we'll update accordingly.

Update: We have directly confirmed that the latest update does not fix the Windows Phone SMS bug.