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Microsoft announces six new regions for its Windows Phone Marketplace

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Windows Phone Marketplace coming to China and five other markets in the near future.

Windows Phone 7.5
Windows Phone 7.5

Microsoft is expanding the reach of its Windows Phone Marketplace to six additional markets in the near future. Windows Phone Developers can now target Argentina, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines with their applications. Three of the new markets, China, Indonesia and Malaysia, will require developers to adhere to additional requirements due to regulations and local laws. Microsoft has opened up the submission process early for devs due to this, ahead of a full Marketplace launch for end users, to give them a head start on application certification.

Microsoft is also rolling out a number of enhancements and bug fixes for its developer community, helping to improve the reporting and payout processes. Windows Phone recently hit the 50,000 apps barrier just under two months after it reached 40,000, proving that Marketplace growth is consistent. Microsoft appears to be on the verge of adding LTE-capable devices to its Windows Phone portfolio, and with Nokia's Rolling Thunder marketing effort poised for execution, the prospects for Windows Phone in 2012 seem fairly bright.