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Microsoft will no longer provide detailed Windows Phone update information

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Microsoft reveals it plans to axe detailed Windows Phone carrier update information.

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WP7 where's my phone 1024 stock
WP7 where's my phone 1024 stock

Microsoft is planning to remove detailed Windows Phone update information from its site, the company announced on Friday. Where's My Phone Update? has served as a popular destination with carrier specific update information, but Microsoft's Eric Hautala revealed the company "won’t be individually detailing country, model, and carrier details…any longer," offerering no explanation for the reasons behind the decision.

Microsoft's latest Windows Phone update, build 8107, introduces some important bug fixes, including a security-related change to revoke a number of digital certificates. The update is "available to all carriers that request it," according to Microsoft, indicating that carriers could prevent consumers from receiving essential improvements and security fixes in future. It's a worrying change from the software maker, who has typically been open and transparent throughout the recent "Mango" roll out, detailing each carrier's plans. This change won't be a welcome one for Windows Phone users, and we're already seeing some outcry on Microsoft's blog post comments and Twitter. We'll have to wait and see if that gets loud enough for Microsoft to change its mind.