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CinemaNow and Crackle now available on Xbox Live

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Microsoft adds CinemaNow and Crackle to its Xbox Live entertainment applications.

xbox live dashboard
xbox live dashboard

Microsoft is pushing ahead with its entertainment plans for Xbox 360 users this week. CinemaNow and Crackle are now both downloadable on the Xbox Live app marketplace. Crackle, Sony's free movie and TV streaming service, is available in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States regions, and offers a small amount of old movies and TV shows. CinemaNow, a movie and TV rental or purchase service, is only available to US Xbox owners, despite its availability in Canada. There's no word from Microsoft if there are plans to amend that.

This week's entertainment updates for Xbox follow a broad push of live video partners in December. Microsoft has added a number of third-party providers to its Xbox Live service, providing live streaming TV, and video / music content. The software maker also released a YouTube application for Xbox Live in December, adding to an impressive line up. Microsoft says it "will continue to enhance and expand" on its Xbox Live entertainment offerings during 2012, so expect to see even more apps rollout on the console soon.