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Windows 8 browser can prompt users to switch to desktop IE for Flash content

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Microsoft reveals how web developers can prompt Windows 8 users to switch into a plug-in supported Internet Explorer 10 browser.

Internet Explorer 10 flash
Internet Explorer 10 flash

We already know that Windows 8's Metro style Internet Explorer won't support browser plug-ins like Adobe Flash, but Microsoft has revealed how developers can prompt users to switch to traditional Internet Explorer 10 to use plug-ins. Web developers that require plug-ins can use a HTTP header or meta tag to prompt Metro style Internet Explorer users, resulting in an option for Windows 8 users to switch into Internet Explorer 10 desktop.


Microsoft says the method is designed as a "last resort" when no plug-in free fallback content exists. It's thought that the majority of developers that cannot take advantage of HTML5 will create a Metro style application to extend the functionality of their web app in Windows 8. For businesses and sites still stuck using Microsoft's ActiveX controls this will be seen as an easy alternative to port legacy web applications across. Microsoft is convinced that a "plug-in free Web benefits consumers and developers."