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Microsoft releases US version of MSN iPad application

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Microsoft releases its latest iOS application, MSN US for iPad.

MSN UK for iPad
MSN UK for iPad

Microsoft released a US variant of its MSN iPad application this week. Originally introduced in Canada, Germany, France, and the UK last month, the application is now available in Apple's US App Store. MSN for iPad provides access to MSN US articles, including an option to download current issues for offline viewing. Microsoft has also built-in support for photo galleries and various MSN Videos that can be streamed to AirPlay compatible devices.

The main interface for the US version remains unchanged from international versions, and combines tiled stories with swipe-through slideshows and photo galleries in a similar manner to the company's Metro design concepts. Overall the application is a basic reader for MSN's US content, and perhaps one that we would like to see made in HTML5 for other tablet devices to take advantage of. The application is available immediately at no cost for US residents.