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Facebook app for Windows Phone updated with new design and better performance

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Windows Phone Facebook application has been updated with a new design to include support for pages and groups.

Facebook Windows Phone
Facebook Windows Phone

Microsoft published an updated version of the Windows Phone Facebook application today that includes an improved design and support for some of the latest Facebook features. Although Windows Phones includes native Facebook support, the separate application extends this by adding support for Pages, Groups, and banner images support. The new panorama layout of the new application surfaces requests, messages, and notifications at the top of the main interface.

Unfortunately, you still can't easily tag people in posts and check-ins or like individual comments, but the latest version features some significant performance improvements and a number of bug fixes, including improved scrolling throughout the app. There is also a new filter feature that enables users to see individual updates from friend lists. Although there's no full Facebook Timeline support, overall it feels like a significant update for Facebook Windows Phone users and the pages support will please those who had no easy way of accessing them beforehand.