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Microsoft makes its 'Gmail Man' video official in privacy fight against Google

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Microsoft makes its "Gmail Man" video parody official in its competition with Google.

Gmail Man
Gmail Man

We have seen the "Gmail Man" video before thanks to a leak, but Microsoft just posted it to the company's official YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages. The spoof video was originally broadcast at Microsoft's internal Global Exchange sales conference on July 20th last year, and it depicts a mail man riffling through letters (email) to find keywords for ads. "Would you trust this guy to deliver your mail?" asks Microsoft on its Facebook page, one Facebook commenter responded "I trust him about as much as I trust Hotmail Man."

Microsoft's decision to bring the video back to life clearly follows its exploitation of the concern around Google's privacy policy amendments. The software giant is running full page adverts in several major US newspapers this week, highlighting Google's privacy policy, and the Gmail Man coincides perfectly with the online war between the two companies. Google responded to Microsoft's newspapers ads earlier this week, but will they respond this time with a Hotmail Man?