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Windows Phone Marketplace launches in five new regions, no sign of China yet

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Windows Phone Marketplace is now available in five new countries.

Windows Phone 7.5
Windows Phone 7.5

Microsoft is expanding the reach of its Windows Phone Marketplace to five more regions. Windows Phone 7.5 users in Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines will be able to access apps and games from the Marketplace later today. Microsoft started to accept applications for each of the five new regions in early January, but one particular region is missing from today's announcement — China.

Microsoft is currently preparing the Marketplace for a full launch in China, as the company revealed in January, but it's clear there is more work to be done before it's ready. The software maker is understood to be preparing a "Tango" update for its Windows Phone platform that will focus on cost reductions for handset makers, including a 256MB RAM minimum requirement, and it's possible that China could be an initial launch country for Tango devices. Microsoft didn't address the Chinese Marketplace directly today, but we expect to hear more in the coming months, including any plans to support additional ARM chipsets inside Windows Phones.