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Microsoft teases Windows 8 'Consumer Preview' with Bing betta fish site

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Microsoft teases Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Bing home page.

Windows 8 betta fish
Windows 8 betta fish

Microsoft's Windows 8 "Consumer Preview" is nearing release and the company has started to share some of its promotional plans for the test release. A Bing homepage went live over the weekend that shows the software giant is planning to name its Windows 8 beta a consumer preview release. The site includes a betta fish, used in the Windows 7 beta, and a number of links to sites (that are not live) with information on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Microsoft is expected to release the first preview version of Windows 8 later this month, including an initial look at the Windows Store. The company is currently preparing a final version of its Consumer Preview build that will include a number of mouse and keyboard improvements, alongside some significant interface tweaks to the Start Screen.