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Child-friendly Internet Explorer 9 released by CEOP and Microsoft

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Microsoft partners with CEOP to create a customized version of Internet Explorer 9 designed for children.


Microsoft and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) have teamed up to release a customized version of Internet Explorer 9. The browser launches today as part of Safer Internet Day 2012, and provides easy access for children to report cyberbullying and inappropriate images, as well as seek help on a range of topics.

Essentially, the customized IE9 browser includes a new default homepage, changes to the search bar to include internet safety search sites, and favorites that link directly to CEOP content. Microsoft has also worked with CEOP to build jump list support on its websites, including notification support in the Windows 7 task bar when new content is available. Ian Moulster, a product manager at Microsoft, told us that he hopes schools, adults, and even kids will opt to download the custom browser on Safer Internet Day, an initiative to promote awareness around online safety for kids.