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Exclusive: Nokia Lumia 800 Microsoft Store bundle launching February 14th for $899

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Microsoft will unveil a special Nokia Lumia 800 bundle in the US on February 14th, priced at $899.

Gallery Photo: White Lumia 800 hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: White Lumia 800 hands-on photos

Microsoft will launch Nokia's Lumia 800 device in the US as a special bundle item priced at $899. That's the word from sources close to Microsoft's Lumia launch plans, who have confirmed the bundle will include a Nokia Play 360 Wireless Speaker, Purity HD Stereo Headset, and an in-ear Bluetooth headset. Microsoft plans to launch the special bundle on February 14th and the Lumia 800 will not be made available separately, at least initially.

The Lumia 800 will be available unlocked from Microsoft's retail stores, with no official carrier support, and will be aimed at Valentine's Day and gift shoppers initially, as there are no proposals to offer the Lumia 800 outside of the bundle deal. Microsoft originally revealed its plans at CES 2012 to offer the Lumia 800 in its US stores, and we can confirm that the recently announced white edition will be stocked "soon" too.