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Microsoft withdraws Nokia Lumia 900 pre-order offer, launching soon?

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Microsoft has withdrawn a pre-order for the Nokia Lumia 900 handset at its stores across the United States.

Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia Lumia 900

Microsoft has withdrawn a pre-order offer for the Nokia Lumia 900 handset at its retail stores in the US. The company started pre-orders for Nokia's latest Windows Phone last week, but confirmed to us today that its Microsoft Store pre-order offer has now closed, offering no reason for the withdrawal.

One source, who wishes to remain anonymous, has revealed that Nokia plans to announce a launch date and pricing "shortly," although it's not clear if this is related to Microsoft's pre-order withdrawal. Citing the need to continually update offers, a Microsoft spokesperson says that people who are interested in purchasing a Lumia 900 "should stay tuned to the Microsoft Store Facebook Page" for more offers in the coming months. With a rumored March 18th launch date and $99 price, we might see the handset sooner than initially expected.