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HTC confirms Windows Phone 7.5 Tango is heading to China

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HTC has provided confirmation that the latest update to Windows Phone 7.5, codenamed Tango, forms a part of the Chinese launch.

HTC Flagship Beijing
HTC Flagship Beijing

We'd already heard plenty of reports that Windows Phone would reach China in March, but now HTC has provided official confirmation that the latest update, Tango, will form a part of the Chinese launch. This announcement comes via a pre-order for the HTC Titan (albeit under the "Triumph" name) in HTC's new flagship store in Beijing Blue Harbor. Although there's no explicit mention of Tango in the image, Engadget was told by HTC that the latest update to Windows Phone powers its device.

No date has been provided for when the Triumph will launch, but the high-powered handset comes as something of a surprise considering Tango's focus on allowing the OS to run on lower specced devices. The price is hefty, too — prospective buyers will need to shell out 4,399 Yuan (or nearly $700). Back when we reviewed the Titan, we loved its enormous, vibrant screen, though found the ecosystem of Windows Phone lacking. With a move into a new territory that struggle's bound to begin again, though Microsoft's inclusion of local social networks in place of Facebook and Twitter should help appeal to the new market.