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Nvidia's new graphics drivers are certified for Windows 8

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Nvidia's R302 graphics drivers are optimized and certified by Microsoft for Windows 8

Nvidia HQ stock 1024
Nvidia HQ stock 1024

If you had any reason to suspect that Nvidia wouldn't have fully-functional graphics drivers in time for Windows 8, you can probably dismiss them now: the company's new R302 drivers have been WHQL-certified by Microsoft specifically for the new operating system. That's the word from Nvidia's official blog, which explains that the R302 drivers are specifically for Windows 8, as earlier versions of the operating system will stick with R300 drivers. The new branch includes support for all the new WDDM 1.2 features (including things like stereoscopic 3D optimizations and flicker-free screen rotation), and Nvidia says it will support Nvidia 3D Vision for 3D games right away. Sounds like just the thing to complement your Windows 8 Release Preview install when the drivers arrive next week.