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Nokia's navigation apps for Windows Phone 8 will learn your commute, provide traffic updates

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Nokia Here
Nokia Here

Windows Phone 8 users will get an update to Nokia's Here Drive and Here Transit "by the end of this week," just months after the apps expanded beyond Nokia-branded Windows phones. Both apps will have a refreshed design and the updated Here Drive will now receive live traffic updates, enabling the app to revise routes to circumvent heavy delays.

In a nod to Google Now, the Here Drive app now also has a feature called My Commute, which learns frequently traveled routes and displays estimated transit time in a Live Tile. It's not as robust Google's travel assistant, which uses calendar appointments and email information to provide relevant traffic information, but it's a step in the right direction. Users needing global navigation will now be able to upgrade to Here Drive+, an app previously reserved only for a few select Lumia devices.