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OneNote available on Android tablets; Windows Store app update adds printing

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Earlier today Microsoft updated two versions of OneNote. The Windows Store version1 finally feels feature complete. Microsoft has baked in support for printing in portrait or landscape. You can also insert file attachments and PDFs, and that means you can print to PDF then edit it and print those results in a symphony of editorial recursion. Finally, you can highlight using a pen or "finger paint," in custom colors and thicknesses.

The Android version2 now supports tablets. It adds handwriting with styli or fingers too. It's not as full-featured as with the Windows Store app version or even what's available on iOS, but it should do the job in a pinch.

1. Aka the Modern Windows version. Aka the version that still makes us wish Microsoft had just found a way to keep the Metro brand around. Yes, it's depressing that it's hard for some of us to let this go, but every time we're made to discuss which version of a Windows app we're using it reopens that old wound. This author apologizes for harping on it yet again, but isn't so sorry that he won't do it in this extended footnote.

2. Which has much simpler naming rules.