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Phil Spencer recap time.

We’re on a 45-minute lunch break, so it’s time once again to recap Phil Spencer’s testimony. We knew there would be a lot here and there’s still more to come, but here’s what has happened so far:

• The FTC questioned Spencer about the Nintendo Switch, fps, teraflops, and lots more.

• Phil Spencer is asked whether Xbox lost the console wars, to which he responds that the console war is a “social construct” and he doesn’t wanna count the community out, but that Xbox is “in third place.”

Sony is an aggressive competitor that spends its revenues on doing things to try and reduce Xbox’s survival on the market, says Spencer.

• Spencer says Sony is “actively signing third-party games to skip our platform,” as he is questioned over Microsoft acquiring exclusive content.

• Microsoft has thought about skipping PlayStation for Activision games and even considered making Minecraft Dungeons Xbox exclusive.

Sony held back PS5 devkits which “put us behind on our development for Minecraft on PS5,” says Spencer.

• An internal email chain between Xbox’s Sarah Bond, Matt Booty, and Phil Spencer reveals how Microsoft planned to talk about the Bethesda acquisition as “making Xbox stronger.”

• Phil Spencer won’t confirm Elder Scrolls VI is an Xbox exclusive, and it sounds like it’s still many, many years away.

• Microsoft won’t degrade Call of Duty on PlayStation, says Spencer.

• Spencer swears under oath that he won’t pull Call of Duty from PlayStation.

Evidentiary Hearing Held In San Francisco As FTC Seeks Injunction In Microsoft And Activision Blizzard Merger
Phil Spencer arriving at the FTC hearing.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images