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We’re back and the FTC is grilling Spencer on CoD.

The FTC is back to question Phil Spencer, and the FTC’s lawyer wants to run a little late to make sure we hear from a Google witness about Stadia.

The FTC begins by asking Spencer “can you swear under oath that you can promise that you’ll ship Call of Duty on PlayStation” without looking at the terms?

“That’s my goal yes. If what you’re trying to propose is that Sony might change the terms of how we ship games on our platform then that would prohibit us from shipping on their platforms.”

The FTC asks why the contract for CoD on PlayStation is different to standard Sony contracts:

“Sony is asking for significant commitments... even thought we know how to ship games on PlayStation that we do on a regular basis.”

After some back and forth about whether future Activision games will ship on PlayStation, a Microsoft lawyer objects and Judge Corley cuts in. “Your point has been made, move along.”