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FTC pushes Kotick on multi-subscription services.

FTC points out that Activision’s core business is making games. It doesn’t make a console, doesn’t have a subscription service like Xbox Game Pass, and doesn’t offer a cloud streaming service. What this all means is Activision has the incentive to be everywhere.

FTC: Activision hasn’t signed deals to offer COD first on other platforms, right?

Kotick: It’s possible.

FTC points out that Activision hasn’t made a formal decision about not putting its games on subscriptions. “We’d evaluate,” says Kotick and that Activision has experimented. “Generally speaking I don’t believe that a multi-subscription service for games is the best way to enable players to make their investments.”

FTC points out that in previous testimony Kotick mentioned some themes are on Sony’s subscription service and that no formal decision had been made to offer other content.

Kotick agrees there could be a strategic reason to offer content on game subscriptions “for a small duration of time, but not something sustainable.”