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“I believe that PC gaming will always be better than consoles.”

So says Nvidia’s Jeff Fisher, unsurprisingly! But enough of the PC vs. consoles wars. The FTC’s attorney is questioning Fisher about Nvidia’s previous discussions with the CMA, particularly the future of cloud gaming and its streaming service GeForce Now.

Fisher says GeForce Now doesn’t cannibalize the existing games market — users typically use “lower-end and incompatible systems,” says Fisher, to access games. “I do believe accessibility does bring in new gamers to high-end PC gaming,” and cloud gaming is part of that.

The FTC asks if Nvidia cloud gaming offers a “superior” experience to Xbox — Fisher says it’s “similar to or better than” the Xbox experience. “I believe that we have the capability of a tier of service that is better” than PlayStation’s service as well, he says.

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