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Nvidia might be a little steamed about Xbox dismissing cloud gaming.

Microsoft’s witnesses have been reiterating that cloud gaming is a feature for Xbox, not a full present-day service. The FTC is using Fisher’s recorded testimony to rebut that idea. Here’s Fisher discussing cloud gaming as a category:

“I believe it is not speculative and I believe it will ultimately be successful.”

This depends on accessibility of content, he says, but it’s not the non-starter Microsoft is painting it as:

“It’s my strong belief that cloud gaming has a profitable future.”

As we’ve seen in earlier days of testimony, Microsoft didn’t want its first-party content on GeForce now — “no effing way,” Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty said in 2021. (He says he feels differently now.)

That said, Fisher isn’t objecting to the proposed Activision Blizzard acquisition:

“I think it’s good for the industry.”