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Microsoft’s lawyer tries to correct the FTC and makes an Elder Scrolls mistake.

If there’s one rule I’ve learned as a journalist it’s never correct someone’s mistake with a mistake of your own.

Microsoft’s lawyer:

Could I clarify one issue that counsel raised with you, when you were asking about Zenimax and asked him to find a game that was most similar to Xbox, he mentioned Elder Scrolls. That is incorrect. There are two Elder Scrolls games, one is online called Elder Scrolls Online — that is a multiplayer game, it is on PlayStation today. The game he’s talking about Elder Scrolls 16... the projected release is 2026 as a single-player game. It is not anywhere similar to Call of Duty, which as you know is multiplayer and multi-platform.

Elder Scrolls 16?! Obviously Microsoft’s lawyer means Elder Scrolls 6, but also... 2026?! You heard it here first, even if it’s really unlikely it’s coming in 2026.

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