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The Microsoft hub brings you all the latest Microsoft news on Windows 10, Office 365, Surface hardware, and Microsoft's iOS and Android apps like Outlook, Skype, Office, and many more.

Today I learned double-pressing Ctrl can become a powerful Windows 11 shortcut for finding your mouse

Cortana would be named Bingo if Steve Ballmer had his way

Tom Brady’s best throw of the night destroys Microsoft tablet

Some Halo Infinite players have to use Xbox dev kits at first major tournament

You can save $10 on any game over $15 during Epic Games’ Winter Sale

Savings on savings

Microsoft is pushing the Control Panel aside in its latest Windows 11 updates

Apple’s latest AirPods are currently cheaper than they were on Black Friday

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles are available at Target (update: sold out)

Microsoft to make Windows Terminal the default Windows 11 command line experience

Microsoft Teams now has end-to-end encryption support for one-to-one calls

iFixit expands repair partnerships by building official service tools for Microsoft

Microsoft is now selling an Xbox Red Ring of Death poster for $24.99

Install the Microsoft Teams update for Android now to fix 911 calling bug

Watch these Excel pros duke it out in a financial modeling competition

The Matrix Awakens didn’t blow my mind, but it convinced me next-gen gaming is nigh

Jack in, the pixels are fine

Go read this story explaining in detail the scary Teams bug that blocked a 911 call

The live-action Halo TV show looks extremely expensive in its newest trailer

Google is bringing Android games to Windows in 2022

Google Play Games comes to PC next year

Microsoft rebrands Xbox Game Pass for PC to just PC Game Pass

Microsoft quietly told Apple it was willing to turn big Xbox-exclusive games into iPhone apps

Google says bug with Teams and Android can cause 911 calls to fail

Microsoft tempts software pirates with 50 percent discount on Office

Microsoft is bringing back the weather widget on the Windows 11 taskbar

Microsoft updates OneDrive for faster syncing on Apple M1 Macs and Windows on Arm

Microsoft rolls out Notepad with dark mode for Windows 11 Insiders

Microsoft says it took over servers being used by China-based hacking group Nickel

Bungie celebrates its 30th Anniversary in Destiny 2 with off-brand Halo gear

The PlayStation 5 is now available at Best Buy (update: sold out)

The Xbox Windows app will let you know if games play well on your PC before you download them

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Halo Infinite campaign review: playing the hits

Infinite in name, not quite yet in scope

Microsoft backtracks on Windows 11’s controversial default browser changes

There’s now a button to easily switch default browsers

Luna Display’s latest update lets you use a Mac as a second PC display

Microsoft’s new Office UI is now rolling out to everyone

Twenty percent of Xbox Cloud Gaming players only use touch controls

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are available now at Target (update: sold out)

Microsoft’s new Windows prompts try to stop people downloading Chrome

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 is its latest attempt to hit a Windows on Arm home run

Big tech’s first generation of founders starts to step aside

The people who started Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft and more are passing the baton

Windows 11 is getting some much-needed taskbar and Start menu improvements