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The Fairphone 5 is less about what comes in the box and more about what you get over the years

Fairphone’s latest repairable device is for people who hate saying goodbye to an old smartphone more than they like buying a new one.

Google Pixel event: how to watch and what to expect

Google is holding its next Pixel launch event on October 4th. Here’s what you need to know.

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OnePlus has announced OxygenOS 14... and not everyone is impressed.

Both Android Police and 9to5Google say the latest version of OnePlus’ Android 14-based operating system is filled with buzzwords — like “Trinity Engine” and “Fluid Cloud” — that make the changes difficult to understand.

Meanwhile, Android Authority got to test out the update and found that while some of OnePlus’ promised features are missing or just don’t work yet, OxygenOS 14 still offers a “fast and smooth” experience.

The iPhone 15 Pro is teaching me to embrace digital zoom

With new crop options and processing upgrades, digital zoom is finally worth your time.

Your SwiftKey (and Samsung) keyboard might now have baked-in DALL-E.

AI-generated imagery is the new clip art, and Microsoft’s now making it dead easy to add to your chats — just swipe and type in SwiftKey to generate AI art on iPhone or Android.

Samsung’s keyboard has SwiftKey under the hood, so this is likely coming to a lot of phones. Microsoft’s also rolling out some “AI stickers” and “AI camera lenses,” but they’re pretty meh right now.

Calling all Shortcuts sickos.

The iPhone 15 Pro is shipping today and I want to know what y’all are doing with the Action Button. Mine runs a shortcut that orders my favorite fall coffee beverage — but what will you do with your one, wild, and precious Action Button? Set it to dispense treats from your automatic pet feeder? Program it to unleash the robot vacuums?

Reply in the comments on this quickpost or hit me up on Threads, and I’ll round up Verge readers’ best, most unhinged Action Button shortcuts next week.

OnePlus’ upcoming foldable might come in October.

At TechCrunch Disrupt on Wednesday, the company announced its new OnePlus Open is releasing “soon,” but leaker Max Jambor is providing some more specific insight: apparently, it will get its full reveal on October 19th, and a release soon after.

OnePlus hinted at the foldable’s name, “Open,” in July. Jambor reported that month that the device had an August release date.

The iPhone 15 can charge other iPhones... and even Androids.

Marques Brownlee shows off this capability in his iPhone 15 unboxing video, where he uses the device to charge a Lightning-equipped iPhone, another iPhone 15, and even a Pixel Fold and Galaxy device — it’s just a bit more inconsistent on non-Apple devices.

About the iPhone 15 Pro’s battery limits.

In response to a question from MacRumors writer Joe Rossignol during our iPhone 15 Pro Q&A, our reviewer Allison Johnson listed off the options from their charging menu, including one clearly labeled “80 percent limit,” which you’d think would mean a hard stop to reduce wear and tear on the battery.

However, in our testing so far, the new phones still don’t always stop charging once they reach 80 percent, even with the setting enabled. We’ve contacted Apple about the behavior and are doing some more tests — we’ll let you know what we find out.

Got any questions about the iPhone 15 Pro? Let’s answer them!

I just reviewed the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, and I’m sitting down to answer all your burning questions about the new iPhone. USB-C port, action button, new camera lenses, you name it.

Just leave your question in the comments of this quickpost and I’ll be answering them from 3-4PM ET today. I’ll USB-C you then! (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

iPhone 15 shipment dates are already getting pushed into October.

Preorders for the iPhone 15 just opened this morning, and delivery estimates for some models, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max, are getting pushed back well into October. You can still pick up the models in-store on September 22nd at some locations, however.

Screenshot by Emma Roth / The Verge
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“The $1,400 device never ran a current version of Android.”

Sick burn from Ars Technica’s Ron Amadeo, who points out the Surface Duo is likely the “worst-supported premium Android phone ever” with only two super-late OS updates to its name.

Remember, this is the phone that saw Microsoft Surface boss Panos Panay team up with Google Android boss Hiroshi Lockheimer and spend six whole years supposedly getting it right... only to ship a buggy foldable that’ll certainly make our next flops of the decade list.