Samsung's Android Wear watch and Google-less phone coming this year

Samsung's product roadmap for 2014 looks an awful lot like the 2013 version. In an interview with Reuters, the Korean company's senior VP for product strategy, Hankil Yoon, says that Samsung will introduce a new Android smartwatch as well as a "high-end" Tizen smartphone this year. What's different, however, is that the watch will run  Android Wear — Google's customized software designed...

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Watch this: Android design head Matias Duarte explains why mobile is dead

Matias Duarte helped design the T-Mobile Sidekick, the Helio Ocean, and Palm's webOS. Now, he directs the look and feel of Google's Android operating system. He's probably not the guy you'd expect to say "mobile is dead." Those were the words that left his mouth, though, at the 2014 Accel Design Conference in San Francisco. There, Verge editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky interviewed him about his thoughts on design and where Android is headed.

If you watch the full interview below, you can not only find out what Duarte meant, but also watch him torture our fearless leader with the barest glimpse at an unannounced smartwatch running Android Wear. Also, flying castles and ponies may or may not make an appearance.

"You'll absolutely need a screen... but you'll need more than one." Matias Duarte, Google

Amazon's first smartphone revealed in leaked photos

Amazon's long-awaited smartphone is apparently right around the corner, and today images of what looks to be an early prototype have been leaked by BGR. Unfortunately the pictured device is surrounded by a protective, screwed-on case that conceals the phone's true physical design. BGR claims the phone's screen measures 4.7 inches, which would make it noticeably smaller than the latest flagships from Samsung and HTC. It's also said to be a 720p display, which falls a bit short of the...

Photo Essay

The Samsung Galaxy S5 in gorgeous detail

Samsung's Galaxy S5 is all but certain to be the best-selling Android phone of 2014. It's the latest in a line of massively powerful, massively successful phones from the Korean conglomerate, and this year it comes with a lot of new things to see....


Samsung Galaxy S5 review

“It’s all in the little things.” It’s a common axiom in sports, in design, and in life. Inches make champions; big things have small beginnings; a small leak can sink a giant ship. It’s a tired cliché, but it’s true. It’s even true...

Apple confirms CarPlay is coming to Pioneer aftermarket media systems

You won't have to buy a brand-new vehicle in order to get CarPlay, Apple's upcoming iPhone-powered dashboard for the car. Pioneer announced today that it will be among the first to sell aftermarket media receivers that support CarPlay. That will start with five of its existing units, which will gain support through a firmware update this summer. Those units, all in its 2014 NEX series of receivers, range from $700 to $1,400. It was p...


Samsung Gear Fit review

I’m in the final stretch. My legs are aching; I’m drenched in sweat. The finish line is near, I can feel it. My wrist buzzes. An email: Amazon finally shipped my order of Rice Krispies Treats cereal. I keep running. My wrist buzzes again. A calendar reminder, editorial meeting in one hour. I ignore it and keep going, pounding the treadmill below me with each step. Finally, my wrist buzzes again. This is the one I’ve been looking for —...

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