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AT&T Toggle: a more IT-friendly 'work mode' for all Android 2.2+ devices

AT&T Toggle on HTC Inspire
AT&T Toggle on HTC Inspire

Ma Bell is hoping to expand its array of business-friendly (or more accurately, IT-friendly) smartphones in its collection. The company this week unveiled AT&T Toggle, software that will allow Android devices (2.2 and above) to switch into a more secure "work mode" for using corporate email, apps, calendars, and the like. IT managers will have tools for managing employee access, adding / updating / deleting work-related apps on the employee's device (presumably only those related to work mode), and wiping all corporate information stored in work mode.

The benefit is that it allows employees to use any phone running Android 2.2 and above (like the HTC Inspire 4G, pictured), so the burden of good taste would arguably be yours to decide. There's still some grey area as to how separated the personal and work instances will be, and what, if anything, will coexist in both modes. Hopefully that'll become more clear before Toggle's launch, which is currently due out by the end of this year.