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Motorola Admiral leaked yet again, this time in photos

Motorola Admiral
Motorola Admiral

Over the weekend, an anonymous source leaked photos to Engadget of the rumored Motorola Admiral, a device that may be Sprint's first smartphone running its new Direct Connect service, which is replacing the legacy Nextel / iDEN network. For those who haven't heard, the Admiral is rumored to be one of three Sprint Direct Connect devices launching in Q4, featuring a military-grade ruggedized exterior, Android 2.3, and a single-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor, making it a candidate to replace Sprint's current Nextel Direct Connect smartphones like the Motorola Titanium.

This device has already seen its fair share of leaks — first, its name was leaked alongside another Sprint device that ended up hitting the market, then Sprint posted a preview video to its YouTube channel before quickly pulling it down. Despite all the leaks, we're still waiting on an official confirmation or launch date.