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Nokia N9 set for 3,500 new features and fixes in first MeeGo Harmattan update

Nokia is cooking up a major update to the newly released N9 MeeGo smartphone.

Nokia N9
Nokia N9

Urho Konttori, one of the developers behind the MeeGo Harmattan user interface on the Nokia N9, has good news for us: version 1.1 of the software will introduce a "legion" of new fixes and features to what was already a polished UI. By his count, somewhere around 3,500 items are being added, tweaked, or improved in update 1.1, which has apparently been under development for a long time since the shipping N9 software has more or less been ready since the summer. Other issues have delayed the shipping of the phone, but the dev team has spent that time working on v1.1, which is why we can look forward to such a rich upgrade whenever Nokia does distribute it. Urho also lets us know that the team is already starting work on version 1.2, however we shouldn't take that as a cause for optimism -- the way he ends his post suggests that Nokia's support for the N9 and the MeeGo Harmattan platform as a whole will like end there. A shame, we know, but if that swiping user interaction that made the N9 such a favorite makes its way into Nokia's upcoming Windows Phones, maybe we'll find a way to get over it.