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Verizon adds 14 new 4G LTE markets to the fold

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Verizon Wireless has added 14 new 4G LTE markets today and expanded service in four others, brining total coverage to 186 million Americans.

Verizon Wireless Coverage 11/17/2011
Verizon Wireless Coverage 11/17/2011

Verizon Wireless flipped the LTE-giving switch for 14 new cities today (for a total of 179), surpassing its previously-stated goal of bringing the high-speed wireless service to 178 markets by this date. In addition to a selection of new cities, the wireless carrier has expanded its 4G LTE coverage in Pittsburgh, PA; Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN; Louisville, KY; and Grand Rapids, MI. These additions have led the company to claim that it's covering 186 million Americans (that's well over 50 percent) with LTE. This keeps Verizon well ahead of AT&T in the LTE deployment race, but AT&T is trying to close the gap; the company says that it'll have 15 markets live by Sunday (November 20th).

Verizon Wireless' 14 new LTE markets: Little Rock, AR; Savannah, GA; Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, IA; Lexington, KY; Starkville, MS; Kansas City and Springfield/Branson, MO; Lincoln, NE; Orange County, NY; Greater Providence, RI; Rapid City, SD; Roanoke, VA; and Appleton/Oshkosh, WI.