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Nokia N9 now available on Amazon USA for $649.99

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The Nokia N9 is now available on Amazon USA through third-party retailers for $649.99.

Nokia N9
Nokia N9

We were impressed with the N9 when we reviewed it, so it was disappointing to know that MeeGo is a dead OS and that it's not officially coming to the US — though a 1.1 update has been released, just to keep us on our toes. The good news is that the pentaband 3G (14.4Mbps down) device is now available for purchase through third-party retailers on the Amazon US site for $649.99, which is cheaper than the price from importers such as Negri Electronics and Expansys USA. While there's nothing we can do about Nokia's decision to switch from MeeGo to Windows Phone, at least you have more options to purchase Espoo's last flagship device before its pairing with Microsoft.