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Panasonic expanding Android lineup to Europe next spring, North America to follow

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Panasonic is planning to move into the European smartphone market next spring, reports Nikkei, with launches in North America and Asia likely to follow.

panasonic lumix phone
panasonic lumix phone

We heard recently that Panasonic may be looking to expand its smartphone horizons beyond Japan, and now Nikkei says that the Osaka-based firm is in negotiations with a "major telecommunications company" to bring Android devices to Europe for next spring. According to Nikkei, the European market will serve as a testbed for eventual expansion into North America and other Asian countries. Panasonic sells a whole host of Android devices in Japan, including its Lumix-branded range, with standard features like waterproofing and 13.2-megapixel cameras along with essential local functionality such as TV tuning and infrared data transfer. The manufacturer is apparently aiming to make overseas sales account for half of its smartphone business by 2015, which would require selling about 7.5 million units — we'll have to see how serious its push is going to be.