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MeeGo PR1.2 update screenshots reveal camera UI changes, face recognition

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MeeGo PR1.2 screenshots revealing camera UI changes and a new face recognition option in the gallery have been posted on a forum.

MeeGo PR1.2 screenshot
MeeGo PR1.2 screenshot

For a supposedly dead OS, MeeGo appears to be getting its fair share of updates. Nokia just released a PR1.1 update earlier this month, and now a member of the Phonesfera forums claims to have PR1.2 running on the N950 developer phone. Screenshots of the update show minor camera UI changes, a new color profile setting, and a new face recognition option for tagging photos. With this scant information to go on, it's unclear whether this alleged PR1.2 build will ever see the light of day as an official update, but like the already-legendary N9, it does serve as yet another reminder of the lost promise of MeeGo. Hit the source to check out more screenshots.