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AT&T and T-Mobile admit to using Carrier IQ, Samsung passes the buck, Microsoft and HP deny Windows Phone or webOS involvement

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AT&T and T-Mobile admit to using Carrier IQ, and Samsung says that the software is installed but isn't using the data. Microsoft and HP claim their operating systems never included the software to begin with.

AT&T LG Nitro Carrier IQ stock 900
AT&T LG Nitro Carrier IQ stock 900

In case it wasn't obvious from our hands-on preview of the LG Nitro — see above — AT&T is also using the controversial Carrier IQ tracking software on its phones. For its part, AT&T doesn't deny that. "In line with our privacy policy, we solely use CIQ software data to improve wireless network and service performance," it told the Washington Post. Samsung also confirmed that Carrier IQ is present in "some Samsung mobile phones," but like HTC, claims that the inclusion of the software is not its fault. "It's very important to note that it's up to the carrier to request that Samsung include that software on devices. One other important point is that Samsung does not receive any consumer user information from the phones that are equipped with Carrier IQ," it said in a statement. Meanwhile, Microsoft and HP have both denied that their operating systems Windows Phone 7 and webOS included Carrier IQ at all. Follow our storystream to get the latest on the Carrier IQ story.

Update: T-Mobile has also admitted to using Carrier IQ "to troubleshoot device and network performance."