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Xperia Play with Verizon LTE rumored

Xperia Play with Verizon LTE rumored


An LTE version of the Xperia Play could be coming to Verizon, if a leaked internal document is to be believed.

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The Xperia Play didn't exactly set the world alight, but it seems Sony Ericsson doesn't want to give up on the gaming-focused phone. The game library has been growing over time, it's been promised an update to Android 4.0, and now we're seeing possible signs of an LTE version of the device coming out on Verizon. Android Central received an internal document mentioning upcoming staff training for the LTE model, and the site claims to have independently verified its existence. You can file this one safely in the "rumor" drawer for now, but we have to say such a release would surprise us, even with the existing "4G" model on AT&T's HSPA+ network. The combination of average performance and blazing download speeds on a mid-2011 phone would seem like quite an incongruous match at first blush, but who knows — maybe it could get a speed boost from Ice Cream Sandwich or even updated specs to go with the LTE radio.