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Verizon Nexus Vehicle Mount lacks 3-pin connector, charging capabilities

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The car dock for Verizon's LTE Galaxy Nexus lacks the 3-pin connector of its GSM counterpart, making it little more than a piece of plastic that holds your phone while you drive.

GSM LTE Nexus Dock Compare
GSM LTE Nexus Dock Compare

We saw videos of the Galaxy Nexus accessories a few weeks ago, and one of the nice features of the car dock (pictured right) was the use of a 3-pin connector inside and passthroughs for USB and audio in the base. Unfortunately, the Verizon version of the car cradle (pictured left) has none of those niceties — it requires that you manually connect Micro USB and audio cables each time you insert the phone. Oddly enough, Verizon's aggregate user review score still shows five stars, even though none of the reviewers on its site gave it more than two stars overall, and nearly all of them complained about the missing features. We don't know why the LTE Nexus got stuck with a hobbled dock, but we'd recommend waiting to see if the GSM version is compatible before you settle for this one.