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LG G2x for T-Mobile gets a second shot at OTA Gingerbread update

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T-Mobile is rolling out a new wave of OTA Gingerbread updates for any owners that missed the upgrade this past July.

T-Mobile G2x running early official Gingerbread update
T-Mobile G2x running early official Gingerbread update

LG's G2x launched in April to reports of random reboots, overheating, and low battery life, but a July upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread aimed to resolve most of the issues. In a somewhat odd move, T-Mobile has now started another rollout of the OTA updates, seemingly to catch any stragglers left behind. Along with the aforementioned fixes and enhancements of Gingerbread itself, the upgrade also improves the performance of the front-facing camera when using the video sharing app Qik.

LG is also offering the update for download on its site, though we should note that some users claimed their phones were bricked in July because LG released an update that T-Mobile hadn't approved. The overall sloppiness of the G2x's Gingerbread rollout — many have complained they never received the update at all — may be one of the causes behind this secondary release. One thing's for certain, however: even with the Gingerbread upgrade, you'll still be wanting Ice Cream Sandwich.