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Google Wallet video hands-on

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While the public launch isn't until this summer, we got a chance to try out Google Wallet via its dining hall's resident Coca-Cola machine (and a rather fancy all-touchscreen one at that). The setup is as you'd expect — tap the Nexus S (note: our guy was using the first iteration, not the Nexus S 4G, which is a good sign for folks that aren't using the Sprint version) to the card reader, make your selection, watch the bottle drop. What's interesting is that Wallet also lets you access your credit balance and spending limit both for your credit card and also the prepaid GCard that comes built-in to the Wallet app (though we didn't see a detailed spending report available here). We're hoping that this rumored Photon 4G from Motorola adds another NFC-enabled option into the mix next month, particularly considering Sprint's insistence today that it's working with both HTC and Moto for compatible models... but in the meantime, the Nexus S isn't a bad option. Check out some menu-by-menu pictures and a video walkthrough after the break!