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Xperia Play coming to AT&T before the end of the year —in 'Stealth Blue'

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Sure, it's already out for Verizon, but Sony Ericsson's not-quite-PlayStation will also be joining AT&T's ranks some time before the end of the year. And sadly, we don't know much more than that. AT&T was showing off its version of the Xperia Play this afternoon, but was staying completely quiet on timing and pricing. We do know, however, that it will be a "4G" / HSPA+ phone and that it looks identical to the Verizon unit save for its "stealth blue" color. There's also two new games coming bundled with the device, Dungeon Defenders 2 and NOVA 2. Hit the break for some extra pictures, and we'll keep digging for the details you really care about.

Ross Miller and Joanna Stern contributed to this report.