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Next-gen Nokia handset revealed in NFC demo video?

Next-gen Nokia handset revealed in NFC demo video?

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Here at IFA Nokia has a small display at the Brightpoint booth, and is showing off its large crop of handsets, including a few phones running that fancy new Symbian Belle OS. The phones aren't anything super special on their own, but the tiny Nokia 700 actually holds an NFC demonstration video that possibly hints at a flagship (NFC-equipped) phone to come. GSMArena, who first spotted this oddity, goes so far as to call the shiny, curved-glass phone the successor to the N8, to be dubbed either the N8-01, or the Nokia 801 in line with these other handsets. We have our doubts: there's a disclaimer in the video that says the smartphones in the video are "purely illustrative," and since the entire video is a 3D render, there's no way to say otherwise. The other problem is that any proper N8 successor should include a dedicated camera button, and this phone seems to have none. Still, whatever it is, it sure looks pretty! If you are inclined to believe all of this, there are actually two previously unknown phones in the video -- the second one is a bit plainer, and sort of reminds us of the X6; perhaps it's an upcoming sequel as well. Check out the video after the break.

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