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Dish Network open to mergers and acquisitions in either direction

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Dish Network CEO Joseph Clayton has expressed interest in the company being acquired or being an acquirer. There is speculation that AT&T may attempt a takeover, or that Dish could link up with T-Mobile.

Satellite Dish
Satellite Dish

Speculation is rampant over the future of Dish Network, and CEO Joseph Clayton is saying that the company is "open to all possible options" — whether that be acquiring a company, or being acquired. Clayton had previously expressed interest in linking up with T-Mobile, needing a carrier to make use of the LTE spectrum Dish has been buying up.

Another possibility is an acquisition by AT&T, which is likely to be interested following its failed T-Mobile takeover bid. Dish could be a convenient solution to AT&T's spectrum shortage, however analysts say the carrier would likely be forced to pay well over the odds for a takeover, and would probably have to buy out the entire business — a business that otherwise doesn't seem like a natural fit. Clayton previously stated that Dish has no interest in "making money from selling spectrum," but he may be more receptive to a high-premium takeover offer from AT&T.