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T-Mobile silently launching promotional data bundles on January 25?

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T-Mobile introducing promotional data bundles with free services on January 25.


New and existing T-Mobile customers might be able to pick up two new promotional data feature bundles from January 25. T-mobile will allegedly offer Unlimited-Premium 5GB and 10GB data plans with the Smartphone Mobile HotSpot and MobileLife Album Plus services for free. There's a slight catch though, customers will have to request the special promotion that T-Mobile will not be promoting — it's keeping the deals quiet. TmoNews secured details of the bundles that reveal the company is launching them silently "to protect T-Mobile revenue."

However, a combined saving of $19.98 is not to be sniffed at, even if you do have to ask for it. Smartphone Mobile HotSpot allows you to share a 4G connection, and normally costs $14.99. The Album Plus service, priced at $4.99 a month, can store up to 10GB of photos and videos directly from handsets. The not-so-secret-anymore promotion will be made available to any legacy contract, classic, and value rate plans on January 25.