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Nokia Lumia 900 'coming soon' to UK, expected in June

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The Nokia Lumia 900 is expected to arrive in the UK during June 2012, according to British retailer Carphone Warehouse.

Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia 900 preview gallery
Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia 900 preview gallery

Nokia's new Lumia 900 device is expected to be made available on British shores in June. Carphone Warehouse, a high-street retailer in the UK, revealed the plans in a "coming soon" page this week. The retailer says the plans are subject to change, but that it's currently slated for a June release. Nokia hasn't announced official availability for any European countries, but Carphone Warehouse is allowing customers to pre-register their interest.

Nokia unveiled its 4.3-inch Windows Phone at CES earlier this month. The Lumia 900 includes an 8-megapixel rear camera, 1-megapixel front facing camera, and Nokia's traditional smartphone design. It is expected to debut first in the US during March, exclusively on AT&T's LTE network, although Nokia has not yet officially set a launch date. European Nokia fans will be happy to hear that the company plans to bring its big brother Lumia across the Atlantic to join the current Lumia 800 offering, but LTE support will likely be dropped in most European countries due to the lack of capable networks. With Nokia keeping quiet about its plans for the Lumia 900, we'll have to wait and see whether the Carphone Warehouse date holds true for other countries in Europe.