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T-Mobile UK launches 'Full Monty' unlimited calls, texts, data plan

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T-Mobile unveils a new "Full Monty" unlimited calls, texts, data plan for UK users.

T-Mobile UK
T-Mobile UK

T-Mobile unveiled "The Full Monty" pay monthly plan today, which includes unlimited calls, texts and data, priced at £41 per month for two years. The plan is available on all phones in the T-Mobile range and features no fair use restrictions on internet, calls or text messages. T-Mobile will also allow customers to tether their smartphones as part of the plan, allowing laptop owners to get online without the fear of restrictions or cost.

Plans start at £36 per month on a two-year contract, but the £36 option is limited to 2,000 minutes for calls to non-T-Mobile networks. Plans at £41 a month onwards include truly unlimited calls to other networks. T-Mobile claims the plan is "ground-breaking," but it feels like a return to unlimited contracts that were in place before smartphones put a strain on British networks. Either way, it will be available from February 1st through T-Mobile stores, online shop, telesales and in-direct partners.