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AT&T's new cloud-based 'photo locker' service for iOS and Android offers 5GB of free storage

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AT&T logo (STOCK)
AT&T logo (STOCK)

There's no doubt that cloud services are all the rage these days, so AT&T's trying to get a piece of the pie with its new AT&T Locker service. Available for both iPhone (3GS or newer) and Android (2.1 or higher), AT&T Locker offers 5GB of cloud storage for photos and videos that can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter, email, and even Myspace if you're so inclined. The mobile app also allows for instant uploading, with the option to specify whether or not uploads use cellular data or Wi-Fi only. In addition to uploading content from a phone, users can log in on their computer to make albums, manage the content, and store other types of files.

AT&T Locker is really just the latest in the carrier's continuing quest to own all of the various services on your smartphone — there's already AT&T Navigator and an AT&T address book syncing program. With a hand in the cloud, you'll almost never need to use Google or Apple's services — though we can't say we see any reason to go all-in with AT&T's solution. Putting your data in these services just makes it that much harder to switch carriers, hence AT&T's focus on managing as much of your data as possible. While Google sync and iCloud may not be perfect, at least they aren't tied to a single carrier.